The Platform for
Digital Ownership

NFTb Ecosytem

Our mission is to create a platform for creators to access opportunities in DeFi with the best user experience for anyone, anywhere.

NFTb Labs

We invest in extraordinary projects building next level games and support them with marketing, growth, advisory and NFTB token integration.

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NFTb Gaming

The most unique Web3 gaming HUB created to serve gamers and developers

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NFTb Launch

Join IDO and INOs with NFTb. +100 launches held on the NFTb Launchpad since the go-live in September 2021

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NFTb Market

NFTb’s original +2 years old curated NFT marketplace created to serve artists better

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NFTb Earn

Earn up to %100 APY with the NFTb Staking HUB

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What makes NFTb the most unique Web3 Gaming platform?

  • Bulk NFT listing
  • Social ecosystem for users and developers
  • Staking vaults for projects
  • Most in-depth gaming research
  • Project token integration as a payment currency
  • Customizable royalties
  • Tailor-made growth programmes
  • Gaming DAO
  • Game reviews

Deep Liquidity Access for Digital Assets

To provide deep liquidity access for digital assets, NFTb is building support for cross platform bridges to leading blockchain ecosystems

BNB ChainPolygonOasis FoundationManta PacificEthereum
More coming soon

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$NFTB token

NFTb is built to reward creators and platform users. The $NFTB token is designed to reward all network participants.

$NFTB Utility

  • Incentivizing both: creators and collectors on the platform interactions
  • Early-adopters will be rewarded with airdrops based on usage
  • Receive $NFTB rewards by participating in the activities and engaging
  • Staking and Liquidity Mining Rewards

$NFTB Utility

  • Integrations with BNB based platforms on accepting $NFTB as a payment token
  • Native token for NFTB Launchpad
  • Platform services (advertising and promotions)
  • Staking and Liquidity Mining
  • Platform fee discounts
  • Governance


Strategic Contributors

20,5% / 205Mln

25% initial, 7.5% per month


2% / 20Mln

100% unlocked at IDO


12% / 120Mln

Locked for 1 year, then 25% unlocked every 3 months


12,5% / 125Mln

Locked for 1 year, then 25% unlocked every 3 months

Protocol rewards

45% / 450Mln

Released over 7 years

Liquidity (Pancake/MM)

8% / 80Mln

100% unlocked on IDO - $100k ea

Total supply: 100,0% / 1Bln
Updated Tokenomics after Community Voting in Feb 2023
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    • +5 languages supported on NFTb website

    • Blockchain Gaming Contest and tournaments

    • Uniswap DEX Listing & Bridging & $NFTB as an ERC20 token

    • Multiple BRC20 IDOs

    • 30% token burn

    • Rebranding of NFTb to PixelRealm

    • Pixel zkEVM

    • $NFTB token transition turn to $PIXEL

    • The biggest airdrop in history with $PIXEL

    • Refreshed Tokenomics

    • Pixel Labs game incubation

    • $PIXEL CEX listing governance vote