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Created by Agustín Rüdegar
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Constructing a complex world of characters, tales, and cities
The Arcania universe has seen the consciousness of a wide and diverse variety of creatures evolve. Of the most notable dominant races, there are bulls, monkeys, and bears. There is a great diversity of other species with peculiar characteristics, but the factions that have always fought for the leadership of the kingdom are those.

Bulls are a proud and noble race, known for their strength and ferocity but also for their proximity to elemental nature and magic. The monkeys are a cunning and manipulative species, that has used its intelligence to gain power and influence, With the favor of their two deities, they managed to prevail for decades in the power of Arcania. The bears are a wise and magical race, they have a mainly neutral population that contributes to the general health of the kingdom, a race full of scholars, scientists and warriors.

For centuries, the monkeys have held a dominant position in Central Arcania, ruling the planet's capital with an iron fist, currying favor with other races to maintain their power. The bulls of the Taurhalo Tribe, tired of serving Raenar, began to plot a new rebellion to seize the central city of Arcania. His allies include the bears of the Throne of Ladenor and parts of the Northern Packs.

Unbeknownst to them, a greater evil lurks in the depths of dark magic, waiting for the right moment to strike and change the fate of Arcania forever. As tensions and conflicts rise, dark forces gain strength and threaten the delicate balance of power and the very existence of the world.

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