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    The Korea Collection - collection is an opportunity to own a piece of Korea's cultural heritage, perfect for collectors, art enthusiasts, and those who appreciate Korean culture and art. Each NFT in the collection is a unique work of art that represents a bridge between traditional and modern Korean culture.
    ⟡ Characters ⟡ Traditional motifs in modern style ⟡ Masks and masquerade costumes ⟡ Architecture and iconic buildings ⟡ Cuisine and culinary ingredients ⟡ Traditional ceramics ⟡ Traditional musical instruments ⟡ Fashion and accessories ⟡ Theater and festive performances ⟡ Folk games and entertainment ⟡ Traditional costume "hanbok" and its variations ⟡ Crafts and folk arts ⟡ Folklore and legends ⟡ Wedding and family life traditions ⟡ Holidays and rituals ⟡ Folk dances and choreographies ⟡
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