The Timeless Gallery

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    This NFT collection is for GOOD!
    "The Timeless Gallery" is a collection of unique NFTs dedicated to outstanding historical figures who made their contribution to the development and prosperity of their countries and peoples, as well as to maintaining peace around the world. These people have left an unforgettable mark in history, and their contribution is rightfully appreciated to this day. Each NFT in this collection displays a unique portrait and a brief description of the life and achievements of the corresponding historical figure. From Leonardo da Vinci and Alexander the Great to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, this collection inspires and motivates us, reminding us of how great people can change the world around us.
    Proceeds from sales will automatically go to these international humanitarian funds:
    ⟡ Donate to Ukraine ⟡ Binance Charity ⟡ GiveWell ⟡ Nori ⟡ Watsi ⟡
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