Your partner to accelerate growth.
NFTb’s DeFi as a Service empowers project partners with NFTb’s suite of DeFi and NFT capabilities.

How it works

By partnering with NFTb, projects will be able to access:
  • NFTb Marketplace - A Premium NFT marketplace where creators can access buyers from anywhere around the world and on multi-chains.
  • NFTb Earn - A DeFi platform empowering projects to access customized staking and farming services without having to build their own smart contract. NFTb will be offering its vaults to projects who want to reward their community and add liquidity to their token. Instead of having to build their own DeFi instruments, projects can engage NFTb to launch their own Farms and Vaults.
  • NFTb Launch - A first-of-its-kind NFT Launchpad created to help projects and creators launch their NFTs on Binance Smart Chain in a way that is fair for all.
Who we’ve worked with
We’re working with the best to empower them to focus on building their product and community.

ArtWallet is a one-stop solution for the global NFT market that is now worth billions of dollars. There are still many unresolved challenges faced by existing market players. ArtWallet is focused on Data Persistence, Authenticity Verification, Audio/Visual content streaming, and many more.

Infinity Skies is a sandbox game where you build your own beautiful castle on an island in the sky. This castle will be built from the ground up solely using NFTs as the essential building blocks.

Build & customise your Sky Island & Castle and gain a high ranking.

Coming soon

Are you a builder?

We are seeking ambitious projects who focussed on building exceptional products, while hoping to maximize community engagement.

Let us know at and a member of the team will reach out.