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The Harvest
The Harvest
The Harvest
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About Game

Embark on an otherworldly odyssey to the enigmatic realm of O’Ree-Jin, where The Harvest unfolds its gripping narrative. This forsaken planet, cocooned in desolation, harbors a treasure that sends shockwaves through the cosmos: the Essence of Life, an unparalleled wellspring of power. As this revelation ripples across the civilizations of the four neighboring planets, pandemonium erupts, morphing once-tranquil relationships into a cacophony of chaos.

The unfathomable might of the Essence of Life triggers an unrelenting war, as the quartet of civilizations descends into a fierce contest for control. Amidst this cosmic maelstrom, The Harvest forges an arena that brings together teams of intrepid heroes. Three heroes rally under the banner of each of the four factions, engaged in a furious clash to claim the essence within a scant 10-minute span.

This ticking temporal constraint injects the game with an adrenaline-soaked frenzy, propelling the pace into overdrive and ensnaring players in an ever-thrilling vortex. Anticipation becomes a weapon, as every move, every strategy is scrutinized to counteract the cunning maneuvers of adversaries. Each match unfurls with four teams, each comprising three champions, vying to reap the essence, capturing its untamed power and emerging victorious within the confines of time's unyielding grip.

Before you plunge into the fray, you're tasked with the pivotal decision of selecting your hero, a choice that will inevitably shape the course of battle. Equip your chosen champion with a selection of eight dynamic ability cards, poised to evolve as you ascend the ranks. This dynamic adaptability enables you to calibrate your hero's prowess, counteracting foes and forging synergies with your valiant comrades.

The Harvest is not just a game—it's an immersive journey into a cosmos convulsed by desire, conflict, and the relentless pursuit of dominance.

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