NFTB Market is a multi-chain curated marketplace created to better serve artists.

Key Features

High-quality unique art, minted on BSC and stored in IPFS

NFTb is a curated marketplace that allows unique digital artwork to be traded and collected. We verify all artists. All files are stored on IPFS and minted via BSC.

Built for speed and performance

Trade and collect NFTs faster and at a fraction of the cost with the BSC.

Show your support

NFTb is the first NFT platform to allow creators to donate proceeds to a list of well know charities including: GiveWell and Binance Charity Fund

Reduce the environmental impact of your work

We are conscious of the environmental impact caused by minting NFTs. By building on the BSC, we can take advantage of BSC’s consensus mechanism, which is designed to be more environmentally friendly.

Creator’s royalty, royalty and income split

NFTb offers advanced royalty splits and income agreements for future resale revenue.

Secondary market

Leverage NFTb to list your NFT on other BSC compatible NFT marketplaces. API coming soon.

Why NFTb?

  • Multi-chain support
  • Cost
  • Energy consumed to mint NFT
  • Marketplace
  • Multi-language support
  • Binance NFT Integration
  • Metadata support
  • Direct Charity Integration
  • Launch


  • < $0.60
  • 200kWh*
  • Curated


  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
  • Open


  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
  • Open


  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
  • Curated

Nifty Gateway

  • $50-300
  • 332kWh*
  • Open

Connecting artists
with charities

With NFTb, anyone can sell their artwork at an affordable rate and donate a portion of proceeds towards a charity of their choosing.

We’re working with charities to allow artists to support initiatives that they care about.

Featured Collections

Degen Monkeys

"Degen Monkeys" is an experiment project. The goal is to create high quality NFT 3D Avatars with low price and low fees on Binance Smart Chain.

Bored clowns

Only high quality, Hand drawing project on NFTb. We are bored clowns. We will make you rich & happy.

Geisha NFT Project

Geisha NFT Project (Generation 1) is series of 100 characters available for auction on NFTb platform. Each geisha has its own unique properties that gonna be presented in the metaverse once technology is ready for this.

Into the Metaverse

As a curated marketplace NFTb is partnering with leading Metaverse projects to integrate high quality digital assets into the metaverse.