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Battle of Olympus

Battle of Olympus
Battle of Olympus
Battle of Olympus
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About Game

Immersing players in the heart of the fray, Battle of Olympus offers a dynamic arena where clashes unfold, NFTs are earned, and glory awaits those who ascend Olympus's peaks. The game ingeniously enables players to amass favor from their devoted followers, thereby endowing their godly avatars with potent power-ups that can shift the tides of battle. As the quest to conquer Olympus unfurls, players rise through the ranks to claim the coveted mantle of the ultimate warrior. In a refreshing twist, Battle of Olympus extends a welcoming hand to all, remaining free to play and democratizing the journey to Olympus, ensuring that every aspirant can engage in battles as their cherished Greek deities without monetary constraints.

Diving further into the gameplay mechanics, each player character (PC) emerges as a distinctive creation, fashioned from an amalgamation of traits extracted from the venerable pantheon of Olympian gods. Consequently, players relinquish direct control over a Greek deity in favor of commanding a character adorned with attributes akin to those of legendary figures such as Athena, Zeus, or Ares. This fusion of attributes profoundly influences the PC's capabilities, resulting in an eclectic spectrum of characters, each bearing a unique essence.

Beyond the exhilaration of reigning over Olympus's bustling streets with these bespoke characters, players are presented with the optional prospect to possess them as digital collectibles. This transformative ownership empowers players to trade or vend their painstakingly nurtured PCs via the Revenant Marketplace, cementing their status as digital collectors and showcasing the innovative breadth of Battle of Olympus's immersive universe.

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