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About Game

MetalCore's prowess in gently guiding players through its multifaceted mechanics stands out, effectively evolving you from a novice pilot to a seasoned virtuoso in command of your formidable mech. The journey commences with an immersive initiation, where you garner experience as a ground trooper engaging PvE adversaries in the expansive open-world setting. This early phase serves as a foundation, ensuring you grasp the rudiments before ascending to Level 4, a milestone that grants you entry into the heart of Faction Wars.

Faction Wars represents the zenith of MetalCore's brilliance, a domain where PvP dynamics are meticulously harnessed to orchestrate exhilarating confrontations. Every PvP mission resonates with a common objective: world dominion. As the curtain rises on Faction Wars, you're presented with a pivotal choice, selecting one among the formidable trio of Metal Punks, Gearbreakers, and The Holy Corporation. However, the intrigue deepens with Infantry NFTs, each intrinsically aligned with their own faction trait. The dynamic interplay continues as Earther Infantry proves its versatility by seamlessly aligning with any faction, imparting tactical flexibility. Notably, each faction bestows passive bonuses, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.

Yet, amidst the game's multifaceted brilliance lies a slight hitch that surfaces within the initial four levels. The expanse of MetalCore's map is tailored to accommodate the grandeur of its colossal mechs and the multitude of players engaged in PvP modes. Nonetheless, during our alpha playtest, we found ourselves occasionally ensnared in a waiting game, counting down the respawn timer, yearning for the gray screen to fade and gameplay to resume.

Regrettably, the challenge persists. The transition from spawn point to the epicenter of battle occasionally disrupts the rhythm, subduing the exhilaration that pulses through the fight. Yet, the ferocity of the mechs, their myriad abilities, and the symphony of projectiles weaving through the air generate an intense ambiance that compensates for these transitional lapses. Coupled with the game's stunning visuals, this visual feast amplifies the overall enjoyment and immersion, ensuring that MetalCore's gameplay remains an experience to savor.

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