What is NFTb MetaMarket?

MetaMarket is a premium GameFi focussed marketplace designed as a single source solution for creators, gamers, traders and guilds where they can liquidiate or trade the in-game assets

Who can list NFTs for sale on MetaMarket?

Anyone can list NFTs on NFTb MetaMarket from the range of verified games.

Where can I find my NFTs?

NFTs in your wallet can be viewed on your profile which you can access through the profile button in the upper right corner

How can I list an NFT?

There are two ways to list an NFT.

1) Once you are in a specific game collection page the option to list that game's NFTs will automatically pop up if you have any in your wallet.

2) Once you are in the profile display (top right corner), you can view the NFTs in your wallet and list

Which GameFi NFTs can be listed?

All the games listed go through NFTb's approval process in order to provide a secure trading. You may find the updated list of MetaMarket games in the partners section

Which wallets are supported?

MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet

Which chains are supported?

MetaMarket is designed to support BSC, Polygon, Solana and Fantom which will go online in different phases

How much are the fees?

NFTb MetaMarket offers a no-fee experience for collectors. There are no fees or royalties paid when buying an NFT.

There are fees applied only when listing an NFT as shown below

Game creator2%0%1%
Partner guild members2%1.5%2%
What is a floor price?

Floor price is the lowest amount of spend needed to own the NFT at a sale

What is the difference between Games and Marketplace tabs?

Both sections can be used to trade. Games section offers a display of individual games with unique filtering options and marketplace section offers a display with all the available NFTs listed in MetaMarket

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